PMU Business Mastery

PMU Business Mastery

The Realities of Starting a PMU Business

  • You spend thousands of dollars to take a training program thinking it was an easy ticket to financial freedom, but your trainer barely goes over how you can realistically grow and market your business or even how to start your business.
  • You see the amounts of resources available online to help improve your artistry, but not to help grow your PMU business.
  • There are little to no PMU communities where you can discuss how to establish a sustainable business where artists help each other succeed.
  • Business mentorship opportunities can be expensive and often lack practical assistance or support.

It's understandable why numerous artists face challenges transitioning to full-time artistry or end up closing their business. I hate to deliver discouraging news, but having exceptional artistic skills isn't enough. Without the knowledge to effectively establish and maintain your business, success may be out of reach.

Perfecting your craft is essential, but mastering your business tactics is equally, if not more, crucial!


PMU Business Mastery

That's why I developed PMU Business Mastery, a four-week mentorship program. Where I cover all the essential aspects to help you establish a successful business. Whether you're new to the PMU industry or want to enhance your business, this program is meant for YOU.

PMU Business Mastery was created from my own challenges of launching multiple businesses in the PMU industry. I recognized that my experiences were not unique, but shared by many artists facing similar struggles. With PMU Business Mastery I aim to innovate by bringing something new to the table. Through my own failures, I've gained valuable insights that I want to share with fellow artists. My goal is to guide other artists in avoiding the mistakes I've made and show them the joy and freedom of successfully running a business that supports their livelihood like I have.


Why PMU Business Mastery?

All the business experiences I've gathered, and the lessons learned from failures in my own PMU business have gone into the creation of PMU Business Mastery. This program aims to support you in establishing a sustainable business, reducing the stress of entrepreneurship, and providing more time for yourself and your loved ones. It's achievable to have the freedom to take vacations when desired and break generational cycles. You have the ability to build a business that not only benefits you but also makes you proud. I've learned from my mistakes so that you can avoid them. If you aspire to improve yourself, your business, and your family dynamic, then this program is tailored for you, and I'll be by your side every step of the way.


What You Can Expect from this Program

  • To be much clearer in what you need to do to make your business sustainable
  • To get the help and support you have been looking for
  • To finally get the hope and motivation you needed to take your business to where you envisioned it to be
  • To create a business that will give you the financial freedom and free time that you’ve been waiting for
  • To become a part of a community where we help each other succeed


What You Can’t Expect from this Program

  • Don’t expect to go viral or become social media “famous.” Vanity metrics does not pay the bills. Although I believe social media can be important to grow your business. I have created a prosperous business without having to consistently be on social media. Being a business owner is hard enough, spending unnecessary hours a day creating content that might not even lead to sales is not a good marketing strategy.
  • Don't expect that your investment in the program will not be worthwhile. I get it. I have put in a lot of money into programs and mentors that ended up not being what I expected. Your hard-earned money will be put to good use in this program.
  • Don’t expect to not put in any work. I will give you all the resources and help that you need to succeed, but it won’t be easy. Being in this program requires you to put in the work, but trust me when I say you will reap the benefits of your hard work.
  • Don’t expect to be ghosted. I limit the amount of mentees I take in each month for a reason. It better helps me give each one of you the time and respect needed.


What You Will Learn in PMU Business Mastery

  • Week 1: Foundation and Business Planning - Objective: Establish a solid foundation and clear business plan for long-term success.
  • Week 2: Marketing Strategy - Objective: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract and retain clients.
  • Week 3: Client Acquisition and Retention - Objective: Implement strategies to acquire new clients and maintain strong relationships with existing ones.
  • Week 4: Scaling and Long-Term Growth - Objective: Plan for sustainable growth and scalability of your PMU business.
  • Bonus Week 5 - Next Steps: Recap of key learnings and accomplishments, address any final questions or concerns, provide resources and tools for continued growth, and set up a follow-up plan for post-mentorship support.

You will be provided with a comprehensive 100+ page manual that covers all program discussions for your reference. Additionally, you will have weekly one on one personalized video calls to support your business needs. Plus, an extra week has been included to address any post-program questions or concerns. Furthermore, feel free to reach out to me at any time during and after the program for assistance.


Why trust me to be your business mentor?

My passion for business started in the 5th grade when my class was given a project where every student had to create a product to sell at our class shop. Why did that have such an impact on me? Because even at a young age I struggled with perfectionism and ego. I was convinced that my Dragon Ball Z and Sanrio notebooks were going to sell out 😅, but it was a major flop. So like any normal perfectionist with a bruised ego would do I tried to create products that I thought would sell even after that project was already done 🤣. So you can imagine how excited I was when years later I had the opportunity to join the Junior Achievement Program in high school. If you don’t know Junior Achievement is basically when students from different high schools come together and create different companies. These companies compete against each other to see who becomes the most successful at developing a product and selling it to the community. I loved it! It was like my 5th grader dreams come true! You bet I took advantage of it for all four years of high school. I loved Junior Achievement so much and wanted to further learn more about business which is why I was in my high school's Business Academy. Which helped students prepare for when they took up business in college. It was a no brainer for me that I wanted to major in business and entrepreneurship. Which I moved to Vegas to do. After two years, I did end up switching schools because I wanted to attend culinary school - I was raised in a family of foodies and one of my cousin's had been on Top Chef and won James Beard Awards, IYKYK. Which inspired me to pursue another passion I had in culinary arts. (Fun fact: I was in between going to culinary school and cosmetology school, but decided that going to culinary school would make my family prouder. Especially after they weren't too happy that I decided to switch schools to begin with.) You might think how did being in the culinary industry help with business? Well the restaurant that I had done my apprenticeship for hired me and I eventually became general manager of their restaurant, bar, bakery, and deli where I learned more than I could imagine about business - how to properly market a business, keeping track of finances to make a profit, having top notch customer service, hiring and training staff, ensuring employees and customers were satisfied, dealing with proper permits and work cards... Everything I learned growing up about business was solidified when I became general manager and that role further taught me how to run a successful and sustainable business.

After getting my brows done, I realized that permanent makeup was my true calling and something I wanted to pursue for the long haul. I had been contemplating a career change for some time due to feeling unhappy and directionless. The transformation and confidence boost I experienced after getting my brows done inspired me to believe that I could make a positive impact on others as well. With confidence in my business background and eagerness to assist others, I felt well-equipped to venture out on my own.

Starting my own business wasn't easy, but was it rewarding? Absolutely! I have no regrets about that choice. In hindsight, the only thing I would've changed is believing in myself earlier and taking that leap of faith sooner.

I have experienced numerous setbacks since entering the permanent makeup industry in 2017. From offering various services and products to testing different marketing strategies to making poor financial decisions. All the failures I faced ultimately led me to achieve financial independence and live a life I truly love, and I know it's possible for you too.


The Best Part of this Program

The cost of investment for what you receive is unheard of! To invest in yourself and your business is only $499! There is no other permanent makeup business mentorship program that offers such affordability for the comprehensive content covered over this duration. I had a specific reason for aiming for affordability. Given the current economic conditions, it's often challenging to allocate extra funds for business development. Especially when you've already invested thousands of dollars in training. With this program, you can access quality mentorship without having to spend a fortune. Plus, I also offer payment plans through Affirm and Paypal to even further help you create the business of your dreams!


If you're eager to experience the advantages of owning a thriving business, ACT NOW. Remember, spots are limited. Secure your place today by clicking the button below to register.




*Attention ALL Beauty Professionals! Although I am in the permanent makeup industry. I designed this mentorship program so all beauty professionals can benefit from having a successful business. If you are a nail technician, hairstylist, esthetician, makeup artist, etc. you will definitely find value in this program. If you’re considering getting into the permanent makeup industry you will also find this program beneficial. You will discover that it will provide you with an advantage and help you get ahead. It would be an honor to help your business succeed!

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